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Association Executive Search Assistance

We understand the challenges impacting the real estate industry.  We are the “go to” source when Association Executives have staffing or business issues.  Volunteer leadership often contact us when addressing employee relations issues.  We assist Association Executives and Volunteer Leaders in developing a partnership to promote a viable and successful Association.  We are your “inside” source and business partner!

Finding the right leader for your Association is vital to your success.  Understanding the intricacies of your Association’s vision and long term objectives are critical in identifying the perfect leader. 

The search process is very cumbersome and time consuming.  Turn to the expert who can help you identify your needs and find the perfect candidate.  Search assistance includes the following:

  1. Salary benchmarking to identify a pay range based on your Association’s attributes
  2. Developing a benefits package that meets your Association’s budget and the applicant’s needs
  3. Developing the ad and screening resumes
  4. Scheduling and conducting interviews
  5. Negotiating the offer
  6. Developing performance measures which are critical to your new leader’s and Association’s success
  7. Most importantly, offering expert guidance that will limit your Association’s legal liability during the interview process