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Vision – Gain new insight into NAR's strategies and goals.
Collaboration – Increase your effectiveness when working with peers and staff.
Influence – Improve your communication skills and negotiating techniques.
Commitment – Discover how you can contribute to the success of the organization.

The NAR Leadership Academy is an exclusive eleven-month, six-session training and development program designed to nurture future NAR leaders. Training sessions are structured around NAR national meetings. As a member of the Leadership Academy, you'll experience:

Stimulating Discussions with NAR Leaders

Small-group meetings with past and current NAR leadership give you inside knowledge of the organization’s vision and the challenges of leadership. You will gain a clear understanding of strategies at the national level, enabling you to align your goals with national initiatives and lead with purpose.

Training to Build Strategic Thinking

Interactive group projects, workshops, video, and hands-on education sessions all let you expand your ability to think strategically about NAR’s resources, staff, and programs. Sessions will show you how to understand vital issues from a national perspective and to develop a personal leadership point of view.

Access to Expert Resources

The Academy provides an opportunity to work with key NAR staff and ask direct questions about how the organization is serving its members in a changing marketplace. As you realize the full scope and reach of NAR’s current initiatives, you will be better prepared to take your place in the organization.

Insights into Different World Views

The Academy provides a perfect way to meet new colleagues whose values, beliefs, communication methods, and leadership styles may be significantly different from your own. You will deepen your capacity to build interpersonal relationships at structured and social activities. Through these experiences, you will reinforce behaviors that ensure your success as an NAR leader.

Growth as a Team Member and Team Leader

Working collectively is the lifeblood of an association. That’s why Academy participants devote significant time to team-building skills. Working in small groups, you will get the opportunity to refine your presentation skills, test new points of view, and explore the connections that build cooperation. Then, you will share those ideas with NAR leaders and staff.

As a member of NAR, you already have a strong bond with 1.2 million real estate professionals. By becoming a member of the Leadership Academy, you gain the skills to transform that connection into involvement and action. That’s the true work of a leader!