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Outstanding REALTOR® Association Web Site Contest

As we at REALTOR® AE magazine began gearing up for the 2014 best association Web contest (our 11th competition) we got to thinking: just how important is a Web site anymore?

Sure, every association has to have one, and a good one! But without an integrated mix of social media outlets and push e-mail can associations be truly informing, facilitating, and engaging all members?

We aim to find out with a new twist on our Web site contest in 2014; one that looks for the best use of electronic tools to mobilize members, get them to act, respond, or participate. Examples could be increased event participation through promotions that capitalize on your social media following, or a successful call-to-action from persuasive and strategic messaging on a variety of platforms.

In essence: what was your best result when you reached out to members and what messages and platforms did you use to achieve it?


Associations can enter more than one campaign. Judges will be NAR and REALTOR® AE magazine staff and our editorial board AEs. Winning campaigns will be featured in REALTOR® AE magazine's spring issue and online. All entries must have run in 2012 to 2014.


How to Enter

All state, local, and commercial REALTOR® associations are eligible to enter. 

Enter here: RAE's Mobilize Your Members Contest

Please note: Our next competition after this one in 2014 is in 2016; details about its format in late 2015.

View the 2012 winners of the RAE Outstanding REALTOR® Association Web Site Contest.

For more information, contact Carolyn Schwaar, Editor, REALTOR® AE magazine: cschwaar@realtors.org.