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Marketing Resources

Make sure you stand out from the crowd so that you can grow your business with these unique marketing resources. From branded closing gifts, to personalized e-communications, and even a system that helps you determine what makes your phone ring.


The Lowe's Program for REALTORS® is an innovative e-marketing tool that lets you send personalized offers, including 10% off eCoupons, to your clients. Through this program, NAR members are able to purchase gift cards at a 5% discount and are eligible for unique offers for your own use.

FedEx Office

FedEx OfficeSave up to 20% on your most vibrant marketing materials, including promotional flyers, color copies, brochures, eye-catching yard posters and much more. 

Multi Merchant Prepaid Card

The Multi Merchant Prepaid Card was created exclusively for NAR members, with closing and thank you gifts in mind. It’s available to REALTORS® at a 5% savings, so a card worth $100 costs just $95.



ifbyphoneExclusive member-only rates are available on Ifbyphone Inquire which uses unique phone numbers to track the source of every inbound phone call.



REALTOR Team Store®

REALTOR Team Store® is your official source for REALTOR® branded as well as customized promotional items.



NAR’s exclusive provider of commercial real estate information services providing fully researched commercial real estate information at preferred pricing for NAR members.