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REALTORS® Core Health Insurance

RCHIREALTORS® Core Health Insurance (RCHI) offers affordable, guaranteed-acceptance, Limited Medical insurance plans exclusively for NAR members aged 18-65. RCHI is ideal for NAR members who have high deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses with their current major medical plan. RCHI is a great supplement to assist with everyday healthcare needs and fill gaps left by your major medical plan.

REALTORS® Core Health Insurance (RCHI) provides guaranteed-issue, affordable Limited Medical plans which are exclusively designed and priced specifically for NAR members. Simply put, RCHI provides coverage for your everyday healthcare needs – helping to provide a safety net for people who do not have the luxury of being covered by a comprehensive health insurance plan. Visit the RCHI website.

Benefits and Highlights of RCHI*:

  • It’s guaranteed-acceptance** – No medical questions/exams required.
  • It’s low cost – Plans start as low as $74.30 per month.
  • Three plan types are available (Physician, Value, and Platinum)
  • You have freedom to choose any provider, with the option of a PPO network, for added savings, in certain states.
  • The plans provide assignable benefits – the medical provider bills the insurance company directly.
  • Next day coverage is available.
  • No contract needed. Plans have a 10-day money back guarantee.
  • Benefits include: doctor office visits, wellness visits, emergency room benefits, surgery benefits, a prescription discount card and more!
  • Underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company, rated A (“Excellent”) by A.M. Best

Note: REALTORS® Core Health Insurance plans are not major medical policies and therefore do not meet the mandated coverage necessary to avoid penalty under the Affordable Care Act.

* Subject to limitations and exclusions.
** Based on eligibility (age, member of NAR, and state availability).

Who Can Benefit?

NAR Members who will benefit from RCHI include those who:

  • Cannot afford — or are struggling to afford — major medical (comprehensive) health insurance.
  • Have major medical insurance with very high deductibles, and who could use an extra layer of coverage to assist with everyday healthcare costs.

Note: There is a 12-month condition limitation on all hospital or surgical related expenses.

Major Medical vs. Limited Medical

It is important to understand the difference between Major Medical (comprehensive coverage) and Limited Medical insurance. Major Medical provides catastrophic coverage and high limits of coverage (typically $1 million or more). Limited Medical (RCHI) provides the guarantee of affordable insurance but limits its coverage to everyday illnesses and accidents. In addition, the maximum benefits paid in each medical situation are capped.

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Phone: 1-877-CORE-PLAN (1-877-267-3752) or visit our NAR website.