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SentriLockSentriLock's REALTOR® NXT Electronic Lockbox System is a reliable and secure technology providing outstanding customer service that's rated tops in the industry.

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SentriLock Produces One Millionth Lockbox

SentriLock recently completed production of its one millionth REALTOR® lockbox and will continue to work for the benefit REALTORS® and the industry. Take a self-guided tutorial to learn about all the benefits the SentriLock system offers.


SentriLock works every day to serve the true needs of REALTORS®—offering you secure, easy, and reportable access to every listing you manage.

SentriLock PadlockThe SentriLock System currently has more than 750,000 lockboxes in use by 290,000 agents from over 270 different boards, associations, and MLSs in the United States and Canada. SentriLock's award-winning customer care team provides world-class support seven days a week, exclusively from their facility in Cincinnati, Ohio.

According to analysis by Second Century Ventures, SentriLock in the market has saved the industry close to $100 million over the past ten years by controlling costs for this technology, while at the same time SentriLock has made a positive impact on actual real estate opportunities by making it easier to show properties, solicit feedback, and sell properties. 


Features Offered

The REALTOR® Lockbox NXT is made of heat-treated alloy steel for maximum physical security. It has the highest number of  quality-certifications in the industry, including Underwriters Laboratories, Industry Canada, LPS (Loss Prevention Services) and ROHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances). It features an extra large key compartment, illuminated integral keypad, user-replaceable battery, and many unique software-based features as follows:

  • SentriSmart® mobile app for PIN-based access via iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets. 
  • SentriCard® smart cards for convenient, reliable, PIN-based lockbox access. 
  • One-day codes for non-cardholders, such as home inspectors, appraisers, home stagers, maintenance workers, and out of area agents. SentriLock’s universal one day codes are arguably our most significant differentiating software feature compared to other lockbox systems.
  • Homeowner-activated "Do Not Disturb" feature
  • Web-based access logs and reports
  • User-programmable access times
  • Instant showing notifications

See the system in action

SentriLock AppSentriSmart®, SentriLock’s mobile application, is designed for convenience and speed by utilizing the capabilities of your smartphone. Using GPS and the geo location data of the listing, SentriSmart® is able to find the listings in your immediate area, verify your identity using a PIN based security measure, and then create an access code for the lockbox. The listing agent is then immediately notified of the access and can begin scheduling their follow up.

A More Powerful SentriCard®

SentriCardIn addition to lockbox access and administration, REALTORS® can use the SentriCard® to track open house attendance, automatically solicit feedback for open houses, and collect a list of attendees, at no additional cost, through the SentriLock Event Tracker application. Call SentriLock's Customer Support to learn more about how you can add these additional features to your SentriCard®.

Learn How SentriLock Works

The SentriLock lockbox is easy to use – take a self-guided tutorial to learn about all the benefits this system offers. Once there, click the “Introduction” tab to view a brief, informative video about the SentriLock system.

SentriLock Learning Library

Demo the REALTOR® Lockbox NXT System on your screen right now. Learn how our system supports the day-to-day needs of your members more cost-effectively than competing systems offer, and with greater ease of use and reliability.

See a comparison matrix of SentriLock’s REALTOR® Lockbox NXT System versus another lockbox company's product and service. The matrix provides a comprehensive comparison of general information right down to system specifics.

About This Partner

SentriLock is the No. 1-rated provider of electronic lockbox systems and is the official lockbox solution for NAR.

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For Customer Support, call 877-736-8745 or visit partner website