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Becoming a Leader

This intermediate-level course in the REALTOR® Leadership Program is designed to help you understand the benefits of leadership development, the role of leaders in REALTOR® associations, how to develop strategic planning skills, manage risk and gain confidence in your role as a leader through the following topics:

Strategic Planning

  • The Elements of Strategic Planning
  • Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategic Goals
  • How Strategic Goals Guide Decision Making

Risk Management

  • Potential Risk Areas
  • Mitigating Risk

Participating in Meetings

  • Effective Discussion and Debate
  • Meeting Evaluation Checklist


  • REALTOR® Association Structure
  • Staff and Volunteer Responsibilities
  • Clarifying Roles and Responsibilities

Conflict Resolution

  • Building Consensus
  • Guidelines for Building Consensus

You’ll gain confidence in your role as a leader as you get more involved in association leadership. This three-hour course is led by a trained facilitator.

Upco​ming Courses

L200: Becoming a Leader and L300: Enhan​cing Leadership Skills will be held on Sunday, August 9th, 9:00am- 4:00pm at the InterContinental Hotel the day prior to Leadership Summit in Chicago. Registration is $200 per person for the full day (L200 & L300) and is limited to 90 participants.