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Enhan​cing Leadership Skills

This advanced course REALTOR® Leadership Program is for leaders of all kinds–individual leaders, organizational leaders and association leaders–who are interested in advancing their skills. This three-hour course, led by a trained facilitator, builds on the topics covered in the Leadership 200 course.

Through group activities and case study analysis, the workshop develops decision making and conflict resolution skills using the following topics:

Developing and Advancing the Strategic Plan

  • Developing the Strategic Plan
  • Advancing the Strategic Plan and Goals
  • After the Plan: Addressing Challenges

Leadership Development

  • Types of Leaders
  • How do you Find and Develop Leaders?

Meeting Management

  • Managing Meetings: Planning and Facilitating
  • Responsibilities of the Chair

Association Governance

  • Governance Models
  • The Governance Continuum


  • Challenging Questions
  • Answer with Impact
  • Leadership Attributes: Checklist for Leaders

Upcoming Courses

L200: Becoming a Leader and L300: Enhancing Leadership Skills will be held the day prior to Leadership Summit in Chicago. Information and a link to register will be sent out via AE INS. Questions? Contact Laurie Oken.