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NAR Website Traffic Statistics

Find out who visits NAR's websites, realtor.com® and REALTOR.org, and how often. Learn what's important to fellow REALTORS® and the general public plus know realtor.com's® position in the real estate vertical marketplace.

Download 2014 Website Traffic Statistics

October (PDF: 125 KB)

September (PDF: 126 KB)

August (PDF: 124 KB)

July (PDF: 126 KB)

June (PDF: 126 KB)

May (PDF: 123 KB)

April (PDF: 123 KB)

March (PDF: 118 KB)

February (PDF: 119 KB)

January (PDF: 118 KB)

Download 2013 Website Traffic Statistics

December (PDF: 128 KB)

November (PDF: 129 KB)

October (PDF: 152 KB)

September (PDF: 152 KB)

August (PDF: 146 KB)

July (PDF: 148 KB)

June (PDF: 148 KB)

May (PDF: 127 KB)

April (PDF: 127 KB)

March (PDF: 1 MB)

February (PDF: 1 MB)

January (PDF: 1.16 MB)

Download 2012 Website Traffic Statistics

December (PDF: 1 MB)

November (PDF: 1 MB)

October (PDF: 1 MB)

September (PDF: 1.34 MB)

August (PDF: 1.37MB)

July (PDF: 1.36 MB)

June (PDF: 1 MB)

May (PDF: 1 MB)

April (PDF: 1.41 MB)

March  (PDF: 1.53 MB)

February  (PDF: 1.54 MB)

January (PDF: 323 KB)

Download 2011 Website Traffic Statistics

December (PDF: 324 KB)

November (PDF: 406 KB)

October (PDF: 406 KB)

September (PDF: 324 KB)

August (PDF: 326 KB)

July (PDF: 325 KB)

June (PDF: 323 KB)

May (PDF: 324 KB)

April (PDF: 322 KB)

March (PDF: 321 KB)

February (PDF: 321 KB)