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Annual Report

January 12, 2012: 

Access multiple years of NAR's annual reports.

Commercial Leading Indicator

January 11, 2012: 

The index is designed to provide early signals of turning points between expansions and slowdowns in commercial real estate. NAR reviewed a wide variety of indicators, examined the relationships of indicators that demonstrated a historical impact on commercial real estate, and modeled a forward looking index based on historic trends.

Issues and Challenges

January 11, 2012: 

The 2012 Issues and Challenges document (PDF: 815 KB) identifies those critical issues and challenges REALTOR leaders are certain to encounter this year. They include improving NAR's influence, better understand consumer's thinking and increasing professionalism. It also tackles key public policy issues and how to reach out to local and state associations as well as apply social media to improve our advocacy, marketing and member development.

State Employment Trends

January 3, 2012: 

Release date: April 2012

State-by-State International Business Reports

November 12, 2011: 

NAR provides these local reports on international transactions to give an overview of the real estate markets on a state-by-state basis as well as information on economic activity.

Highcharts Test Page

October 28, 2011: 

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