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October 28, 2011: 

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Housing Pulse Survey 2011

June 22, 2011: 

NAR’s ninth housing pulse survey reflects that, as the housing market continues to struggle, Americans worry that policy proposals coming out of Washington could drag the market down further or deter potential new homeowners.

Report and Recommendations of the Association Legal Counsel Work Group (June 2011)

May 10, 2011: 

The Legal Counsel Work Group was formed as a result of comments from attorneys who attended the 2010 Chicago Legal Seminar that they needed additional guidance on the role of association counsel during ethics and arbitration hearings.

2011 Community Preference Survey

March 18, 2011: 

NAR's 2011 Community Preference Survey explores Americans' wants regarding neighborhood characteristics such as proximity to parks and shopping, walkability, and commuting time, and the trade-offs in home type and size that people may be willing to accept in order to obtain those neighborhood preferences. The survey reveals that most Americans would like to live in walkable communities where shops, restaurants, and local business are within an easy walk from their homes, as long as those communities can provide detached single-family homes.

American Attitudes About Home Ownership

January 19, 2011: 

A substantial majority of both home owners and current renters agree that owning a home is a smart decision over the long term, according to the results of an NAR survey conducted by Harris Interactive.

The Basics: Deficit Reduction Commission Report

December 1, 2010: 

On Dec. 1, 2010, the bipartisan deficit-reduction commission, appointed by President Obama, released its final plan for cutting the U.S. deficit—which included suggestions to pare back the mortgage interest deduction. While 11 of the 18 commissioners voted to support the proposals in the report, the group fell short of the super majority needed to automatically send the recommendations to Congress.