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Where are Global Buyers Searching in the United States?

August 11, 2014: 

Find out which U.S. cities were of greatest interest to foreign buyers during June 2014, and which countries the buyers were from.

Infographic: Where Are Retirees Moving To?

August 8, 2014: 

Many people choose to change location when they retire. This infographic shows the migration flows for retirees (65 years +) in the 100 largest metropolitan areas.

Infographic: NAR Research Tracking Topics & Trends

August 8, 2014: 

Throughout the year, NAR’s Research department produces hundreds of articles, surveys, profiles, reports and other pieces of analysis to help you with your business.

Infographic: Global Buyers in the USA

August 8, 2014: 

Find out which are the top five countries of origin for foreign buyers of U.S. homes, and find out where in the U.S. they are buying.

Still Stuck in Traffic

August 7, 2014: 

The REALTOR® University Speaker Series presentation by Dr. Anthony Downs focuses on a housing issue of interest to everyone—traffic congestion

REALTOR® University Speaker Series: The Metropolitan Revolution

August 7, 2014: 

In her lecture for the REALTOR® University Speaker Series, Jennifer Bradley focuses on a new approach to revitalizing urban areas and creating more jobs though the integration of technology and community networking.

Infographic: Location of Primary, Vacation, & Investment Homes Purchased in 2013 by Region

August 6, 2014: 

The information in this infographic comes from the 2014 Investment and Vacation Home Buyers Survey.

Ticketed Events Now On Sale

August 1, 2014: 

Sign up now for special REALTORS® Conference & Expo events like the Inaugural Gala, YPN Reception, Commercial Caffeinated Breakfast, Good Neighbor Awards Dinner, pre-conference courses, and more. 

Infographic: Types of Property Purchased as Primary, Vacation, and Investment Homes in 2013

July 31, 2014: 

This infographic was created using data from the 2014 Investment and Vacation Home Buyers Survey.

New Home Sales in June

July 30, 2014: 

New home sales slid in June. The decline is not a reflection of slower housing demand, but more related to homebuilders putting up fewer homes.