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Existing-Home Sales Decline in November, but Strong Price Gains Continue

December 19, 2013: 

Existing-home sales fell in November, although median prices continue to show strong year-over-year growth.

Latest Housing Affordability Data

December 18, 2013: 

At the national level, housing affordability is up slightly for the month but higher mortgage rates and home prices have pushed affordability lower from a year ago.

Rental Demand Slowing, Except in These Areas

December 9, 2013: 

Though the rapid increase in demand for multifamily housing is expected to slow, a new study finds that the need for low-income and senior rental housing is at unprecedented levels, and is expected to keep growing.

The Closer to Campus, the Higher the Rent

December 9, 2013: 

A new study looks at how close investors should be to college campuses to see the highest returns on multifamily housing.

Fed Likely to Postpone Tapering to Next Year

December 9, 2013: 

The Federal Reserve is reportedly no longer in a rush to cut back on the $85 billion it spends per month on its bond-purchasing campaign, which has been helping to keep borrowing costs low.

NAR Research: Year in Review

December 6, 2013: 

This slideshow provides a snapshot look at some of the most popular research reports and statistics produced by NAR in 2013.

Latest Consumer Preference Survey from NAR's Smart Growth Program

December 6, 2013: 

The latest version of NAR's Smart Growth Program's Consumer Preference Survey sheds light on the characteristics that people desire in their neighborhood and the trade-offs they are willing to make to do so.

Properties Reported Staying on the Market Longer in October

December 6, 2013: 

Properties are staying on the market longer, based on the days on market information reported by REALTORS® in the October REALTOR® Confidence Index Survey.

Impact of Government Shutdown on Real Estate

December 5, 2013: 

Overall the impact was noticeable but somewhat lower than feared.

Nearly Half of States Within Reach of Peak Home Prices

December 4, 2013: 

Home prices are continuing to rise across the country, inching closer in many areas to within 10 percent of their home price peaks, CoreLogic reports.