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More Americans Say Walking Out on Mortgage OK

October 9, 2012: 

"If Americans carry on with that mindset, it will continue to cause problems as the economy undergoes a slow recovery," says a senior analyst at JZ Analytics about alarming results from a recent poll on strategic default.

Appraisal Institute to Study Value of 'Green'

October 9, 2012: 

The Appraisal Institute is teaming with an energy agency to asses energy efficiency and green features on the value of existing homes.

Shadow Inventory Drops 10%

October 9, 2012: 

Predictions that the nation's shadow inventory would rapidly rise have yet to materialize, as the shadow inventory continues to show signs of dropping.

Survey: Americans Upbeat About Housing

October 9, 2012: 

The number of Americans expecting home prices to decline reached an all-time low, according to Fannie Mae's monthly housing survey.

NAR: Appraisals Continue to Hamper Sales

October 9, 2012: 

Problems with real estate appraisals are still delaying and even derailing home sales, a recent survey of REALTORS® shows.

Sluggish Job Market Stalls Growth in Office Sector?

October 9, 2012: 

The office market continues to recover, but at a very slow pace that has some concerned.

Beige Book Cites Real Estate as Bright Spot

October 9, 2012: 

The economy is growing at a tepid pace, but real estate is emerging as a bright spot in the recovery, according to the Federal Reserve's latest Beige Book.

Foreclosures Drop to 5-Year Lows

October 9, 2012: 

"[Foreclosures are] making little noise in the housing market — at least on a national level," says a spokesman with RealtyTrac, which released their latest foreclosure report today.

The 'Prius Effect' on Home Sales?

October 9, 2012: 

More studies are showing the power of green on boosting sales prices.

Falling Foreclosures Mark Big Step in Recovery

October 8, 2012: 

Foreclosures continue to show signs of dropping across the country.