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 You may be the world’s best real estate salesperson, but no one will know it if you neglect personal marketing. Take this quiz to see if you know how to get the word out about your services.

1.Which of the following items should be included in a personal marketing plan?
A brochure, a Web site, a newsletter, and 10 mailings
A mailing list and a Web site domain name
A market analysis, goals, a budget and a schedule
A listings presentation that explains how you will advertise the seller’s home

2.Which of the following is NOT an example of a niche market?
Home sellers in Atlanta, Georgia
Single women buying their first homes
Seniors buying golf-course homes
Foreign nationals buying rental homes

3.Which of the following is an example of personal marketing?
Awarding a $500 scholarship to a high school senior in your community
Advertising your listings in the local newspaper
Holding an open house
Making 200 cold calls to homeowners in your farm area

4.Successful branding efforts depend upon:
Distinguishing yourself from the competition
Creating a value proposition for your services
Focusing on the benefits to the customer
All of the above

5.Which of the following postcards has the most effective combination of design elements?
A white background with one top-quality action photograph of you, large easy-to-read lettering, and a short prominent headline
A white background with 16 bullet points, three boxes and four photographs of you in different poses
A dark background with white lettering, a photograph of you taken 10 years ago, and a clip art picture of a big house
A white background with pink and yellow lettering, a photograph of you in formal attire standing next to a black Mercedes and a clip art picture of a small house

6.Which of following Web sites has the most effective combination of personal marketing elements?
Descriptions of 25 for-sale homes, six home photo tours and a “sneak preview” of weekend open houses
A glamour photograph of you, a list of your designations and sales awards, and a birth-to-present biography of you
A personal message targeted toward a niche market, a get-more-information response form, and a look and feel that match your print marketing materials
A list of hot links to 75 top real estate Web sites, a hot link to a Web site offering neighborhood crime and school reports and a hot link to the public-access Web site of the local MLS

7.Which personal promotion would not be appropriate for its niche?
A beach umbrella for a second-home buyer in Florida
A custom mouse pad for a retiree
A newspaper subscription for the buyer of a $1 million home
A diaper bag for starter homebuyers

8.Which of the following is an example of leveraging your personal marketing?
Advertising on the tallest billboard in town
Swapping Web site links with real estate affiliates
Putting first-class postage stamps on your mailings
Having a personal slogan or tagline

9.What is the best way to measure the effectiveness of personal marketing?
Track your market share, adjusted to account for the effect of your sales prospecting activities
Calculate how many of your listings result in closed transactions on a percentage basis
See how many people recognize you in the local supermarket
Track how many people call in response to your newspaper ads