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 Even great listings can benefit from skillful property marketing. Take this quiz to find out if you know what it takes to grab the attention of prospective buyers and make the home's best features stand out.

1.Which of the following is not a good tactic for marketing a starter home?
Suggest various scenarios for financing the home, including sample downpayments and monthly mortgage payments
Emphasize the advantage of homeownership (e.g., the mortgage interest tax deduction and the possibility of building equity)
Advertise the home in a local dining-out guide targeted toward young adults
Hire a professional designer and photographer to create a four-color brochure of the home’s highlights

2.What is the most important part of an ad?
The photograph
The headline
The media placements
The price

3.Which is the following would make an appropriate and captivating online home tour?
A sweeping panoramic scene of an entry-level home
A video tour showing the seller’s designer furniture, antique collectibles, and museum-quality artwork
A short and fast-loading preview that highlights the top features of a well-staged home
A 20-minute digital tour, including the neighborhood, the street, the exterior of the home, the neighboring homes, and every room in the home

4.At an open house, the salesperson should:
Greet visitors and ask them to a sign a guest book, distribute flyers and handouts, answer questions about the home, and offer to assist prospects with their search for a home to purchase
Eat lunch and watch the ballgame on the seller’s television if there is no traffic
Follow visitors around the house, ask them with questions about their home search, and mention how many interested visitors have been there today
Talk with visitors as little as possible so that they have time to view the home

5.To help ensure a successful property auction:
Make repairs and improvements to the property
Have a home inspection completed before the auction
Promote the auction heavily to appropriate target markets
All of the above

6.Which of the following would not be a violation of fair housing laws?
Only asking for pre-qualifying financial information from people you think might not be able to afford to buy
Indicating in a property advertisement that the sellers will give preference to offers from buyers of a particular religious faith
Encouraging buyers to shop for a home only in selected neighborhoods because you think they will like them better
Running advertisements that emphasize that the home has a mother-in-law suite

7.Which of the following would make a good newspaper advertisement?
Emotionally captivating description of the home, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, asking price, your name and telephone number
Square footage of the home, price the seller paid for the home, asking price, and seller’s telephone number
Inflated description of the home, total number of rooms, a few abbreviations (e.g., frpl, MBR, vw) and a statement that seller is “highly motivated”
Description of neighborhood, school district, asking price, your name and e-mail address

8.Which of the following would be an example of negligent misrepresentation?
Telling buyers that a property’s roof was replaced last year without seeing any written evidence to support this statement
Telling the buyers that they don’t need to worry about asbestos it was not manufactured after 1978
Telling the sellers that the house is probably connected to the city sewer because sewers were run to this area five years ago
All of the above

9.What is Megan’s Law?
A California law that requires real estate salespeople to research the presence of sex offenders in their local area
A federal law that requires real estate salespeople to notify home owners if a sex offender moves into their neighborhood
A federal law that requires state governments to enact regulations mandating registration of convicted sex offenders but doesn’t specify whether real estate salespeople are responsible for disclosing such information
A law that protects home buyers from sex offenders in their neighborhood