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 As a real estate practitioner, you’re faced with potentially risky situations every day. Meeting new clients, showing homes, and even walking to your car at night can be dangerous. It’s essential that you make safe decisions and know how to react when confronted with trouble.

1.Before showing a home for the first time, I should ask the sellers:
Have you ever seen ghosts in the house?
Do you mind if I turn on the television?
Do you have any dogs?
All of the above

2.To find a first-rate self-defense course in my area, I should:
Ask family and friends for recommendations
Look for a course with a broad focus
Meet the instructors before signing up
All of the above

3.To protect against theft during a home showing, I should:
Treat every potential buyer like an escaped convict
Be especially wary of men who come to view the home alone
Remind sellers to put all valuables in a safe place
All of the above

4.One way to stay safe on the job is to have a distress voice signal for when you want to call for help without alarming someone who can overhear you. To create such a signal, I should:
Establish a secret phrase that’s not commonly used but can be worked into any phone or in-person conversation when I’m feeling uneasy about a situation
Carry a dog whistle that is mute to humans but will irritate canines, and blow into the whistle whenever I’m feeling uneasy about a situation
Think of a common distress word such as “help” or “fire” that I can shout to grab everyone’s attention when I’m feeling uneasy about a situation
All of the above

5.When holding an open house, I should:
Inform a neighbor that I’ll be showing the house and ask if he or she would keep an eye and ear open for anything out of the ordinary
Check all rooms before anyone arrives and determine several “escape” routes. Make sure all deadbolt locks are unlocked to facilitate a faster escape
Don’t assume that everyone has left the premises at the end of the day. Check all rooms and the backyard prior to locking the doors, and be prepared to defend myself
All of the above

6 .When meeting prospective clients for the first time, I can stay safe by:
Asking them to meet me at the brokerage office
Finding out their motivation for buying or selling
Writing their first name and e-mail address on a note card and leaving it with a colleague
All of the above

7 .The 10-second rule is a smart and quick way to keep safety at the forefront throughout the day. How does it work?
I take 10 seconds to review self-defense strategies right before getting out of the car
I breathe deeply and count backwards from 10 to gain composure before meeting new people
I take 10 seconds as I arrive at each destination to evaluate my surroundings and check for anything that’s out of the ordinary
All of the above

8 .When I’m working at the office, I should take this safety precaution:
Make sure that my desk is not visible from the front door
Secure all unused doors and windows, especially if they’re in the rear of the office or out of sight and earshot
Listen to music on headphones to boost my concentration
All of the above