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 Are you doing everything you can to ensure that you are not violating the National Do-Not-Call Registry rules? Test your knowledge of the federal guidelines by taking this quiz.

1.What phone numbers are eligible for registration on the Federal Trade Commission's National Do-Not-Call Registry Web site?
Consumer home telephone numbers (landline)
Consumer cell phone numbers
Office numbers
A and B

2.The National Do-Not-Call Registry:
Only covers intrastate calls.
Only covers interstate calls.
Pre-empts less-restrictive state do-not-call rules.
Includes exemptions for real estate professionals.

3.How often is a business required to scrub its no-call list against the National Do-Not-Call Registry?
Before every call
Once a month (every 31 days)
Once a quarter (every 90 days)
Twice a year (every 180 days)

4.What kind of call is NOT exempt from the federal no-call rules?
Political solicitations.
Charitable solicitations.
Follow-up calls made to open house attendees.

5.Which statement below is correct?
Broker A can call any expired listing in the MLS for up to 18 months after the listing expires without checking the federal no-call registry.
Broker B can call his own expired listings for up to 18 months following expiration without checking the federal registry.
Broker C can call FSBO ads to try to get owners to list with him without checking the federal registry.
Broker D can call his own expired listings for up to 24 months following expiration without checking the federal registry.

6 .Who cannot bring a lawsuit for violations of the National Do-Not-Call Registry rules?
Federal government.
State government.
Telephone company.

7 .A consumer calls my office with a question about a property. How long can I continue to call the consumer with information about other properties, assuming no transaction occurs between the parties?
Never. You can't call about unrelated properties.
31 days.
Three months.
18 months.

8 .A former client calls Broker X and asks the broker to call the former client's best friend, who is looking for a real estate professional. The former client assures Broker X that the friend knows Broker X is calling and expects the call. Why does Broker X still need to check the National Do-Not-Call Registry?
Broker X has not obtained written consent from the friend.
Broker X and the friend do not have an established business relationship and the friend has not made a direct inquiry to Broker X.
Both A & B
None of the Above

9 .Salesperson A lists a telephone number on his "For Sale" signs. When the number is called, a recorded message is played that allows the caller to obtain more information about Salesperson A's listings. Salesperson A also has a system that captures the caller's telephone number. Assuming Salesperson A has no prior relationship with the caller, what is the permissible time period for Salesperson A to call the "captured" number with property information?
Three months.
18 months.
Can't return call without first checking the National Do-Not-Call Registry.
Call capture is not permitted by the National Do-Not-Call Registry.

10.Which of the below is NOT part of a company's do-not-call office policy that qualifies the business for the safe harbor provision?
Payment procedures for fines resulting from violations of the National Do-Not-Call Registry rules.
Training requirements for salespeople on proper cold-calling procedure.
List of telephone numbers that shouldn't be called.
Process to ensure that the company and federal no-call lists are not transferred or sold to a third party.