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QUIZ: Image and Etiquette

 When you work in real estate, you’re constantly in the public eye. It’s important to keep up a professional image and use proper business etiquette. Former real estate broker Anna Wildermuth, who is now an executive image consultant with Chicago-based Personal Images Inc., helped us create this quiz so you can fine-tune your public image.

1.You're getting ready for a meeting at the home of potential sellers. What should you wear?
A jogging suit for optimal comfort
Jeans and a fun logoed shirt that will show customers you’re down to earth
A shirt or sweater, a jacket, and slacks with sensible shoes
Depends on where you're going after the meeting

2.You told clients that you'd stop by with an update on their listing, but you got sidetracked at the office and forgot about the meeting. What should you do?
Call immediately to apologize and reschedule
Send an apology note on your company letterhead
Call and say: "I thought we scheduled the meeting for a different time"
Send an e-mail or text message, whichever is quicker

3.You're taking clients to one of your favorite restaurants and the server asks for your orders. You should:
Order first so the server knows you’re in charge
Order your favorite dishes for the table to share
Give clients a price range to help them choose their entree
Let clients order first, but recommend some of your favorite dishes

4.At a real estate convention, you meet fellow practitioners of the opposite sex. You enjoy networking but you're married and want to make sure they don't get the impression that you're single or interested. What do you do?
Ask what their favorite movie is
Quickly change the topic if the conversation veers away from anything not directly related to real estate
In your conversations, casually bring up your spouse and family
Tell them you're off the market, but let them know your friend is single

5.You attend a panel discussion during a convention and have a question for the participants. When it's your turn to ask, you should:
Speak as quickly as possible so you don’t waste anyone’s time
State your name, company, and where you're from. Then ask your question
Let your question flow as a stream of consciousness. The speaker will appreciate your openness
Bring up a controversial topic that will make the whole room remember you

6 .You've just edged out your company's longtime star performer as top producer. What's the best way to promote this accomplishment?
Perform a victory dance in your office, and then send out an e-mail to all of your colleagues to let them know that you're the new top producer
Include an announcement in your client newsletter saying that you've just edged out a longtime top performer at your brokerage
Highlight your accomplishment as the top producer on your social networking profile, with no mention of the person you edged out
No need to promote this achievement — you should be modest

7 .The photo that appears on your social networking profiles should be:
A photo headshot less than three years old
A photo of you cropped from a group photo
A photo of your dog or your adorable niece
A photo that you recently scanned of you as a toddler

8 .After signing in at a networking event, you're given a name badge. How do you wear it?
On the left side of your jacket
On the right side of your jacket
Somewhere unexpected, such on your sleeve, to show that you're a funny person
Don't wear it at all; when you meet people just hand them your business card

9.Your client leaves you a voicemail asking if there will be a showing this afternoon. How do you respond?
If your response requires less than about 10 words, a text message will do
Send an e-mail as soon as you get back to your computer
Return the phone call as soon possible
A response is not necessary unless there is a showing

10.It's hot outside and you have a busy day of customer appointments. What do you wear?
For a man, shorts and a t-shirt; for a woman, capris or a sun dress
Nice pants with a tank top and sandals
A short-sleeved shirt with lightweight slacks or, for women, a professional skirt
Your usual attire, but with flip-flops instead of closed-toe shoes

11.What's the rule on wearing cologne or perfume?
Only when it's used to cover the smell of body odor or cigarette smoke
Just two or three squirts—you don't want to overdo it
Depends on the time of day; it's only OK for an evening event
It's never recommended when you're meeting with clients and colleagues