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 If listing is the key to real estate success, you better be good at it. Find out how you stack up.

1.When you encounter objections, what should you not do?
Have answers ready to address the most common objections.
Arm yourself with statistics and illustrate politely why sellers’ perceptions are inaccurate.
Argue each objection point-by-point and prove your prospect wrong.
Tell the truth in an attractive way.

2.When is it appropriate to call a FSBO?
When you are interested in buying the home
When you have a buyer interested in the property
A & B
None of the above

3.Which items should a prelisting package not include:
A brochure that outlines your background, how long you’ve been in the industry, and your business philosophy.
Letters from prominent people praising your services.
Information about your Web site.
Your full PowerPoint presentation that prospects can review before your arrival.

4.When pricing a home, you shouldn’t consider:
The property’s condition.
How much you need to make this month and how this sale will affect your bottom line.
The market conditions, whether you’re in a hot or slow market, and if values are rising or falling.
How the property stacks up against others currently on the market.

5.You should consider cutting your commission when:
You know the sellers are in a financial bind.
Never. You work hard, bring an expertise to the job, and deserve to get paid what you’re worth.
Sellers threaten to sell the property themselves if you won’t cut your commission by 1 percent.
Sellers show you that your competition has already agreed—in writing—to reduce their commission.

6 .As an agent of the seller you must:
Act in the best interest of the seller.
Disclose all relevant information on the sale to the seller.
Negotiate in good faith on the sellers’ behalf.
All of the above.

7 .What’s the best way to build rapport during a listing presentation?
Ask a great many personal questions of the prospects.
Mirror the demeanor of the prospects and adapt to their personalities.
Invite them out for a meal.
Repeat back everything the prospects say, exactly as they say it.

8 .A fee-for-service arrangement can include:
Charging an hourly fee to conduct an open house.
Charging for a CMA.
Charging for a consultation about how sellers can remodel or refresh their home to prepare it for sale.
All of the above.