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Buying vs Renting

Is it better to buy or rent? Whether renting is better than buying depends on many factors. NAR provides statistics and studies on home owners and renters as well as information on financing options.

April 24, 2013
Rental costs have been on the rise, outpacing stagnant salaries, and widening the affordability gap, according to a new study.
April 5, 2013
Home ownership remains part of the American Dream,  but renting is more appealing to the many who believe the housing crisis is not over.
March 22, 2013
According to a new study, recent rises in asking prices are outpacing rent increases, but buying a home still makes more financial sense in most places.
February 26, 2013
A new survey reveals more about the single-family renter population, and their future aspirations.
February 19, 2013
Multifamily housing demand continues to grow, but affordable rental housing is becoming more elusive in certain parts of the country.
February 7, 2013
More investors are finding rental properties can prove lucrative, experts say.
January 30, 2013
An increasing number of renters are denied their security deposit when they move out, and a big portion of renters say they never even know why, according to a recent survey.
January 3, 2013
"We're definitely seeing a renewed sense of optimism," says a PulteGroup spokeswoman about results of a new poll of renters.
January 2, 2013
At a time when home construction is rising, why is rental demand expected to increase in the coming months?
December 18, 2012
Rental income produced by residential properties rose 12 percent year-over-year in September 2012, CoreLogic reports.