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Marketing Your Services

Marketing is an essential ingredient for the success of any business. NAR helps real estate professionals learn how to build their personal promotion campaigns, increase their presence in a niche market, and strengthen their marketing plans.

June 21, 2012
Take your Internet presence and marketing strategy to new heights with this helpful Field Guide.
June 21, 2012
This guide provides tips to ensure your direct mail campaign competes against the mailers of top-producing agents and delivers an effective, targeted message.
June 8, 2012
This updated field guide explores how REALTORS® can benefit from using digital video to market and sell real estate.
March 30, 2012
Real estate professionals are tackling more mobile outreach markets efforts to reach clients — making sure their Web site is easy to view and use from a phone, adopting QR codes in marketing, and even creating apps that potential clients can use to access real estate information while on-the-go.
March 1, 2012

Too often, the people who come to your Web site once don’t come back again. You can increase the odds of online visitors returning to your site and engaging with you by running an effective retargeting campaign.
March 1, 2012

Make the design and content of your site shine.
March 1, 2012

Here are some buzz-generating social media sites worth checking out.
March 1, 2012

In real estate and cooking, a good outcome is the result of careful planning, timing, and choosing the right ingredients. Learn how you can find the right “recipe” for your business.
March 1, 2012

Real estate broker Rogers Healy shares the advice that got him to take his career to the next level and start his own business.
February 10, 2012
Want to see which of your clients or colleagues may have “unfriended” you on Facebook? A third-party script program — not endorsed by Facebook — called Unfriend Finder notifies you whenever a “friend” decides to part ways with you. Your message will come to you in the same way as a friend request or message.