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Marketing Your Services

Marketing Your Services
  • Move Inc., the operators of realtor.com, announced that it has acquired Doorsteps, a website aimed at better connecting buyers, agents, lenders, and service providers for a transaction.

  • This course offers real-world scenarios and examples that illustrate how agents can plan and implement successful video marketing projects, which are crucial for reaching today's house hunters.

  • Do your clients view your commission as hard-earned income or a jackpot paycheck? Use the following five points to illustrate your worth.

  • Learn how real estate professionals can leverage their LinkedIn profiles to create unique and polished online branding.

  • Becki Saltzman's saucy new book, Arousing the Buy Curious: Real Estate Pillow Talk for Patrons and Professionals, invites real estate professionals and their clients in on some of the secrets of how to succeed in the industry.

  • Success in marketing is not a matter of having the most money or the best technology. It's about implementing the best strategy.

  • Lead management is as critical as lead generation to the success of real estate practitioners' systems, says an industry expert.

  • To really make networking your solution to spotty earnings, you need to think outside the business card box.

  • Twitter is a way of sending short bits of information to your subscribers. The messages are limited to 140 character at a time, called a Tweet. Let your clients know what you are doing for them, post short descriptions of new listings, keep your team on schedule. Learn more from the following articles and resources.

  • Some real estate professionals say hybrid agencies that combine multiple services can boost foot traffic, while others say they can be a distraction.