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Tax Reform

NAR acknowledges the complexity of the current tax system and seeks to assure that tax reforms support the goals of homeownership and freedom to buy, maintain and sell real estate.

May 14, 2013
Experts applauded Realtors® for their commitment to keeping housing a top priority for the nation and staying engaged in the debate over future housing policies at today's Legislative and Political Forum during the Realtors® 2013 Midyear Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo.
April 26, 2013
Congress should do no harm to housing and America's 75 million homeowners, retain current homeownership and real estate investment tax laws, NAR says.
April 26, 2013
President Gary Thomas testified at a hearing of the House Ways and Means Committee entitled “Tax Reform and Residential Real Estate.”
April 15, 2013
As Congress considers action on comprehensive tax reform, NAR continues to protect the many long-standing tax incentives to home and property ownership.
April 11, 2013
President Obama calls for an itemized deductions value cap, including mortgage-interest and property-tax deductions, in his 2014 federal budget request.