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Home Ownership Matters

Home Ownership Matters

It’s more important than ever to support responsible home ownership.

  • In Context
  • The MLS movement hasn’t thought through what a post REALTOR®-owned MLS might look like or how it would operate.

  • The relationship between brokers and agents has been redefined a number of times during the last 50 years. Each new business model led to new global companies that dominated the industry for decades. The next winning model could be a technology-powered, agent-centric, flat fee, transaction-based fee, salaried, or auctioneering model.

  • The current warlike environment in real estate becomes attractive to a large non-industry company that sees opportunity.

  • The widely recognizable and powerful REALTOR® brand no longer has the same appeal, prestige and value proposition it once did.

  • There simply isn’t a large pool of talented, dynamic, knowledgeable, young executives available to lead Organized Real Estate (ORE).

  • All levels of the REALTOR® Association world—national, state, and local—struggle to attract young recruits.

  • The discord caused by trying to be both an association for everyone and an association only for the best reaches a breakpoint.

  • Major technology initiatives by NAR succumb to political headwinds.

  • NAR expands beyond its core focus, which hinders its ability to respond to a broad base of threats.