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Placemaking Toolkit

Posted: February 06, 2014   Size: 3.8MB   Format:    Download

Placemaking is a relatively new term, but it reflects a traditional and conventional concept. It is an old idea made new again. Placemaking is simply a way of creating a place in a community where people want to visit and be. These places are welcoming, safe, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, usable, accessible and invite interaction. Placemaking is where a space is turned into a place where residents, and others, can connect with each other to meet, greet, gather, and come together as a community. A space becomes a place when there is a reason to go there.

Table of Contents


  • What Makes a Great Place
  • Placemaking and Public Spaces
  • Community Gardens
  • Build a Better Block
  • Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper
  • Streets and Transit
  • Traffic-calming
  • Creative Placemaking
  • Main Street

REALTORS® Can Take the Lead

Steps to Get Started

Placemaking in Action

  • REALTORS® Making Places
  • Community and Public/Private Placemaking


  • NAR Resources
  • Placemaking Tools and Resources