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Working With Buyers

For most home buyers, the purchase of real estate is one of the largest financial transactions they will make. Buyers purchase a home not only for the desire to own a home of their own, but also because of changes in jobs, family situations, and the need for a smaller or larger living area. NAR provides insight on working with buyers throughout this important transaction. 

February 19, 2014
Some investors are banking on a flood of “hipsters” entering the housing market, and they see these 10 ZIP codes as holding the biggest potential for higher profit margins.
February 19, 2014
Finances are holding back many 20- and 30-somethings from buying a home, the Los Angeles Times reports, so more relatives are stepping in to help.
February 19, 2014
More couples these days are purchasing homes together before they marry. Here are common challenges they will face when buying a home.
February 19, 2014
Millennials are the second-biggest segment of home buyers, and their wishlists for a home are different than those of previous generations.
February 18, 2014
Scammers are trying to get new home owners and to pay $83 for unnecessary property records — including deeds that are cheaper and readily available at county government offices.


Infographic: Home Buyers and Sellers in 2012

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