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The Voice For Real Estate

The Voice For Real Estate is NAR's bi-weekly roundup of the news that affects the industry and your business.

The Voice for Real Estate 21: Home Sales Surge

April 28, 2015: 

The spring selling season reaches an 18-month high in March. Other stories: NAR urges the Senate to act on mortgage credit, and Sec. 502 direct loans.

The Voice for Real Estate 20: Credit Scores, Vacation Homes

April 10, 2015: 

Changes to credit scores are coming as industry experts agree current criteria don't adequately reflect today's households.

The Voice for Real Estate 19: REO Sales, Open Enrollment

March 30, 2015: 

Selling REOs to owner-occupants is easier with a new 20-day window. Other stories: health coverage enrollment, and February's existing-home sales.

The Voice for Real Estate 18: Net Neutrality, Patent Trolls

March 9, 2015: 

Real estate wins with prohibition of fast and slow Internet lanes. Other news: patent troll lawsuits; and creditworthy renters who can't get financed.

The Voice for Real Estate 17: Closing Changes, Drones

February 23, 2015: 

Featured segments:

  • The closing process is changing
  • The FAA releases proposed drone rules
  • 2015 is shaping up to be good for commercial real estate

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