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Neighborhood Stabilization Project: Presentations and Webinars

January 18, 2012: 

Learn the roles Realtors® can play in helping communities purchase/sell foreclosed properties, and discussed the practical skills and tools needed to help local government and nonprofit housing providers market foreclosed properties and their neighborhoods.

Environmental Impacts on Real Estate

October 5, 2011: 

In the last year the American commercial real estate industry has been forced to deal with the Gulf Oil Spill, the Japanese Nuclear Disaster, the Arab Spring and American tornadoes. Each one possesses profound implications for the forthcoming regulatory environment in the United States. Topics in this webinar include the U.S. economy, the nuclear future, oil prices, wind tunnel and solar panel events, water access threats and carbon sequestration.

Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate Overview

August 29, 2011: 

This webinar gives you a preview of Cindy's "Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate" course. This offers you a great introduction to the basics of commercial real estate culture, lingo, practices and marketing, along with further training opportunities and additional resources.

Your Pipeline is Your Bloodline

August 26, 2011: 

The greatest insight to deal flow and opportunities is the broker's pipeline. There is no single operational element more important than this. The pipeline is in fact, the brokerage bloodline. Hear Signature Series Speaker Rod Santomassimo's invaluable advice on how to properly create and utilize your pipeline for achieving maximum commissions.

Economic Outlook for Investors and Business Decision Makers

August 18, 2011: 

Dr. Mark Dotzour discusses the outlook for job growth in the next twelve months and what he describes as a "bi-polar" commercial real estate market. This is a fast-moving half-hour of insight and analysis for commercial real estate professionals.