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Discover New Sources of Appraisal Business

Learn more about this appraisal webinar, Discover New Sources of Appraisal Business, presented by Melanie McLane.

On Friday April 23, 2010, NAR Appraisal hosted a webinar for all RAA and GAA Designees. The topic of this webinar was Discover New Sources of Appraisal Business presented by Melanie McLane. You can view a recording of this webinar here, or you can download the presentation slides (PDF: 864K).

About the Topic: Discover New Sources of Appraisal Business

Tired of dancing to the lender's tune and depending upon the ever changing world of residential mortgage work for your appraisal business? Tune into our webinar on April 23 with Melanie McLane and we'll explore many other sources of business for appraisers where you can enjoy financial success and enjoy what you are doing.

About the Presenter: Melanie McLane, RAA

Melanie J. McLane is a well rounded, generalist with lots of experience not only in all facets of real estate, but all facets of education, from course development to presentation. In November 2008, Melanie was inducted into the REBAC Hall of Fame as a trainer. She's a certified appraiser, licensed associate broker, and seasoned real estate educator. A veteran of 34 years in the real estate industry, she has owned and operated a real estate brokerage, taught everything from pre-licensing through designation courses, and continues to practice as both an appraiser and an associate broker. For more information, visit www.themelaniegroup.com.