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Liquidity in Commercial Real Estate 2011

August 11, 2011: 

Develop your skills and knowledge in positioning your clients for the next upside in real estate. Signature Series Speaker Rob Nahigian will walk you through the state of the current commercial real estate market and offer his thoughts regarding its direction.

7 Lessons to Face to Face Business

August 8, 2011: 

Face-to-face networking is not always easy, even for the seasoned professional. Signature Series Speaker Dr. Margot Weinstein will share the "7 Lessons" to guide you through the entire process.

Tips for Preparing to Lease a Commercial Building

July 11, 2011: 

Join Richard Muhlebach, CPM, CRE, as he offers a review of three critical components successful leasing agents use to develop a plan to efficiently and effectively lease a building: understanding client needs; developing a thorough plan of the building; and understanding the building's market position.

Fearless Focus

May 12, 2011: 

Popular Signature Series Speaker Eric Boles examines what it takes to be fearless in your business. Learn how to approach your work with focus and how to tackle initiatives by priority.

Accelerate Your Networking

March 30, 2011: 

Dr. Drew Stevens discusses how to accelerate your networking tactics to enhance your business. Learn the three most common mistakes professionals make with networking and how to change your networking objectives to maximize your relationships.

Technology and Social Media LITE

March 24, 2011: 

Get an overview and learn how to utilize netbooks, tablets, and even your smartphone to enhance your commercial real estate practice. This strong resource is at an introductory level—ideal for those new to using these tools.