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Flexibility Factor: How To Meet Challenges in the Current Real Estate Market

February 9, 2011: 

Having a difficult time staying positively focused during this economy? Need to re-energize your success and accelerate your career? This webinar gives you tools to succeed, refocus, and maximize your talents. Reach your goals and improve your bottom line by taking control of what you can control.

From "Free" to "Fee"

February 9, 2011: 

Discover how you can take your business from a 'free' service to 'fee' based model. Learn what it takes to slightly change your focus to create a stronger business model.

How to Build a Thriving Practice in Commercial Real Estate

January 25, 2011: 

Commercial real estate brokerage is not tough to get into—nor does take a long time to "make it." This program provides a strategy for achieving high-level success in commercial real estate. Bob McComb, co-Founder of Top Dogs, will introduce you to the world of commercial real estate brokerage and explain how to build a thriving practice quickly.

Advocacy Issue Webinars

January 18, 2011: 

Watch the latest WebEx webinars held by NAR. These webinars feature interactive and informative sessions among NAR staff and members on the latest legislative and regulatory issues affecting the housing market. Some of the sessions listed below also include information about NAR's community outreach and political programs.

Green Appraisal

August 19, 2010: 

Learn about this free webinar for all RAA and GAA Designees on green appraisal, presented by Sam Martin.

How and Why Clients Chose You!

June 25, 2010: 

Explore a client's decision patterns involved in selecting a real estate service provider. Understanding that clients have a choice in who they select will help you to navigate the vendor selection process and ultimately win in competition.