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Mediation Training


The Mediator/Mediation training seminar of the National Association will be held in Chicago on July 16, 17, and 18, 2014.

The National Association has sponsored and conducted this seminar at least once a year since 2000 and the program has been overwhelmingly well received by all who attend.

Instructors/Program Description

The seminar will be led by Northwestern University Law School’s Lynn Cohn, Duke University Law School’s René Stemple Ellis, and NAR Educator of the Year and 2012 Distinguished Service Award recipient, Bruce Aydt.

It is an intensive two-and-a-half-day learning experience designed to enhance and refine existing mediation skills. The seminar features a full day of three-person mediation simulations guided by individual mediation coaches. The instructional and comprehensive support materials enable participants to serve as mediators for their state and local associations and to share the techniques, skills, and expertise they gain with others. These training efforts coupled with the willingness of those who attend will enable the REALTOR® organization to effectively embrace and provide mediation as a valuable additional dispute resolution tool.

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