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Field Guide to Home Owners Associations (HOAs)

What are home owners associations? Should you hire a manager and what are the governing documents? Learn more about the issues from the following articles, eBooks, and other resources in this field guide.

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Should You Hire a Manager?

Homeowners' Association Property Managers, (Lawyers.com, 2011).

Should Your HOA Manage Itself or Hire a Professional Manager?, (HouseLogic.com, Jan. 20, 2011).

Hiring an HOE Manager: What to Consider, (HouseLogic.com, Mar. 26, 2011).

14 Questions Your HOA Should Be Asking Before Hiring a Property Manager, (CondoAssociation.com, June 1, 2009).

HOA Governing

Doctoring the HOA Docs, (Realty Times, June 29, 2011).

Sample ByLaws for a Condo Association of HOA, (CondoAssociation.com, Jan. 31, 2010).

HOAs: What You Need to Know About Rules, (HouseLogic.com, Sept. 8, 2009).

HOA Rules Enforcement Policy, (Realty Times, Jan. 14, 2009).

Collecting Assessments

Some HOAs Foreclosing on Residents, (REALTOR® Magazine, July 11, 2011).

Delinquent Home Owners Association Fees: Why You Must Collect, (HouseLogic.com, Nov. 29, 2010).

Delinquent HOA Fees: How to Collect, (HouseLogic.com, Mar. 26, 2010).

Collecting HOA Delinquencies, (Realty Times, Oct. 21, 2009).


Get on board, volunteer to serve your condo or HOA, (Sun Sentinel, Sept. 23, 2011).

Common Pitfalls of New HOA Board Members, (Kuester Companies, June 28, 2011).

Q&A: Solve Your Toughest HOA Challenges, (HouseLogic.com, May 20, 2011).

The Pros and Cons of Term Limits for HOA Board Members, (RealManage, Jan. 2011).

Volunteering for an HOA board member job? Get a clue, (Examiner.com, Oct. 31, 2009).

Legal Issues

Who Pays for Damage in an HOA?, (Realty Times, Sept. 21, 2011).

May an HOA Board Take Action Without a Meeting?, (Amber Property Management, May 16, 2011).

HOA Rules Enforcement Policy, (Realty Times, Jan. 5, 2011).

Common Interest Realty Associations: Certified Public Accountant, (The CPA Journal, June 2010). Q

Steer Clear of HOA Risks, (REALTOR® Magazine, Jan. 2010).

Condo conundrum: CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATIONS HIT HARD BY FORECLOSURES CONSIDER BANKRUPTCY, (Journal of Property Management, May/June 2010).  Q

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