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Global Perspectives

Global Perspectives in Real Estate is a resource for global professionals that outlines how members can globalize their local market. Produced bi-monthly, this newsletter serves as a how-to guide and is full of useful and actionable tips.

December 2014: Emerging Markets

March 18, 2015: 

Emerging markets, primarily in developing non-Western countries, represent the far frontier of real estate investment. As with emerging capital markets, risk is high but the upside potential is great. Learn what factors drive emerging market investments, and which markets appear most promising.

October 2014: Foreign Direct Investment and Immigration

January 13, 2015: 

Learn how to identify and work with economic development organizations to tap into the stream of foreign investment in your market, and find important insights on how immigration is making a positive impact on the U.S. housing market.

August 2014: Online Marketing

October 14, 2014: 

Your website is arguably the most important and powerful marketing tool at your disposal, but if you're not comfortable building and maintaining one, it can be frustrating. This issue helps you tackle the challenge of building a high-performance website with global business-building impact.

June 2014: Not a U.S. Citizen? Not a Problem.

August 26, 2014: 

This issue of Global Perspectives looks at the foreign national mortgage market for U.S. properties, and addresses lending programs for overseas buyers and ways to find the right mortgage for your foreign clients.

April 2014: Making the CIPS Designation Work For You

June 16, 2014: 

This issue of Global Perspectives is a roadmap to global business for new designees and a refresher for veterans. It details resources and benefits available exclusively to designees and insights on how others have leveraged the CIPS network and resources.